I know there is a better way of relating in the world. I know you know there is too.
This connection you have with others, with life...
It starts with your connection to you.

HI, I'm Zoe…


I deeply committed to the understanding of self and the human condition. The light of us, the dark of us and all the pieces in between. I've spent the last 10 years committed to understanding myself... unbinding myself from layers of conditioning. 

I bring to this space my square of truth... the experiences that I have walked and embodied, the layers I have faced and cleared in the quest to help you connect to a bit more of you.

I am in service.

To you.
To realness.
To radical self love.
To unconditional self acceptance.
To the collective celebration of sexuality and humanness.


What is blocking you?


How you relate to you; is how you relate to life.
Where do you carry pockets of shame and guilt? 
How do you carry unexpressed emotion?
What parts of you need love, nurturing and acceptance and what parts of you need fire, joy and ignition? 
What parts of you need to be witnessed and love without the dogma of what society or conditioning says is acceptable or right? 
What parts of you do you keep on lock down in fear of judgement?
What parts of you and your desires yearn to be spoken and expressed?
Imagine the power of being witnessed, loved and accepted in all of this.

Want to be seen, loved and accepted in your full humanness?

I grant you permission to be all of you. I invite you to step into the fullness of your self and your sexuality. 

“I could not have asked for a better person to begin this journey with.
Zoe is able to completely put herself aside to allowthe experience to be exactly what it needs to be.
I felt safe and could fully trust in Zoe. She was able to guide me to places within myself that i didnt even know existed, whatever came up throughout the experience was met by complete honouring & acceptance.
Zoe approaches this work from a place of love and honesty - I look forward to continuing to work with Zoe and strongly recommend her to anyone looking to heal and reach deeper parts of themselves through their sexuality.”
— Ash