Who are we in our rawest state of being?


This is the part of myself and the part of you that I am most interested in getting to know.

I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life committed to unraveling myself from the tangles of societal conditioning. You know, the experiences that imprint our minds with the acceptable ‘do’s and dont’s’ because ‘our mum, our dad, our siblings, our family, our friends, the media, religion etc’ say we should.

Through my unraveling, the biggest knots I found that kept me bound were around my sexual expression. Not only did these knots impact how I showed up in the bedroom and in my relationships –  but also how I showed up to myself and how I moved through the world.

Knots in these areas created suppression and when this energy was suppressed it didn’t just ‘disappear’ – it played out in other areas of my life… Giving me subtle feedback until I listened. The biggest feedback was in my consistently low emotional states and the infidelity that plagued my relationships.

Through Tantra, shamanic body work, and dancing through my sexual self expression I have found alignment with my essence; my alignment with life and with source. It’s changed my relationship to me, how I connect and relate to others and how I am in the world.

It’s given me permission to ‘be ALL of me’. I gift you that permission to you too – to ‘be ALL of you’.

I invite you to untie your knots and to step into the fullness of your self and sexuality.

The vehicle; self and sexuality... The journey; humanness...
— Zoe