About Zo…

Innately passionate about sexual evolution, Zoe has spent the last 10 years of her life unraveling herself from the tangles of societal conditioning.

Beyond the ‘who she is' or 'what she does', it’s Zoe's realness, her open heart and her compassion that you’ll feel first and relate to the most. Zoe is a leader and permission grantor in the realms of life, sexuality and spirituality.

She's an expert in creating relational spaces that help people turn in, strip back and connect to their rawest state of being.

Zoe is lit up by writing, dancing and the freedom in life that comes through the unbinding of truth in everyday expression.

Over the last four years she’s found home in the Temple Arts in the field of sacred sexuality. In addition to facilitating the Dancing Eros movement, Zoe offers coaching and body work sessions with men, women and couples that weave together the magic of Tantric practices, ritual and erotic embodiment.