After a couple of recent shares I’ve had lots of positive response and also a small chunk of ‘shadowy’ reverberation that has come back into my field.

Is the energy that’s coming in wrong? No – not at all… After all I did open the door to my bedroom. HOWEVER what it has called me into, is addressing something that I need to be crystal clear on…

And that is – my B O U N D A R I E S.

The lack of setting this up from the beginning is also a reflection of the lack that I really use them in daily life. You see- it’s an area that I tend to scoot over with the assumption that ‘people will get it / people will get me’… Which on my part is a little delusional…! Because I am – just like you – a rather complex creature.

Understanding each other is something that I would like to commit to… And since I have consciously entered into space voicing sexually charged dialogue, I would like to take this opportunity to affirm my boundaries with you.


My sexual energy shared in this forum could potentially activate you. You may like it, you may hate it, you may have a complete attraction or aversion to it – awesome! Your thoughts, feelings, reflections on your own personal experiences – they are all welcomed and I invite you (totally encourage you) to share them.


In simple terms – my sexual expression is not an invitation for sex.

There are two parts to this…

Firstly if you do feel the desire to ask for sex – I am not chastising you or saying it is ‘wrong’ I celebrate you in what is a natural and very human primal urge and there is a part of me that actually honours that part in you in asking for what you want.


Relationships / relating it always has two sides… And as much as I celebrate you in your desire – I ask that you celebrate and respect me EQUALLY in my boundary.

The bigger picture…

My intention is to talk about sex, about sexuality, and about the experiences of my own growth and learning around that.

The bigger picture – it’s bigger than me – it’s bigger than you… With every cell in my body I am following a knowing that this sharing is part of my path to bring about collective change through ‘conscious heart and sex connection’ in the playground of life and the bedroom.

My vision – it’s to educate, to inspire and create candid dialogue around topics that are often skimmed over and not really talked about – to bring sexuality unashamedly and apologetically out of the shadows.

If you’re still reading this – I know you know there is a better way of relating. If you feel it, join me on this journey.

Grow you… as I show you me.