I was almost not going to post this on here but I dig the words and the journey behind them too much not to. This has been such a big and transformation tool for me.

Self care. Self love… It’s the basis for growth and expansion.

zoezapparoli; The ‘From me. For me’ moments… The last 3 months have been centered around me ‘stopping’ and integrating. Really gifting myself a chance to rest and embody everything I’ve taken in over the last year. My biggest edge… To stop ‘doing’ more than I’ve unnecessarily needed to and rest in the arms of simple pleasure and joy. Gifting myself permission to do this frequently – without reason or occasion other than immense self care and love… Learning to say no to others a big part of this and making time to step away from my phone and laptop. Do what feels good for you; reach for a book to curl up with, a towel for the beach, a pen to journal, a mat to stretch or a moment just to sit and just be still with you. My favourite – lighting candles, filling the tub, reaching for oils, press play on the music, and press end on the day. What ever feels good for you – make time – daily. Because the making of time is the bigger gem here. From you. For you. Starts with you.
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