So…. Lets talk about orgasms …. and my current commitment to myself is expanding the definition of mine…

I am now on my 4th commencement of a 30 say tapas (fancy yogic term for a commitment to self) to self pleasure every day for a month. This means internal orgasms only and experiencing other forms orgasmic pleasure wavesin my body… OH … and did I mention no to clitoral orgasms?

Why? Because they’re an explosive climax / loss of energy… Ladies – feel me here – how to you feel after it? Hypersensitve? Depleted? Tired? Want to roll over? – haha I do… Like guys feel when they blow… I feel the same sensations in my body with this sharp peak of release.

Given that it’s my 4th attempt(insert tumble weeds here – yes 4th – points for tenacity) there is something is something I feel to declare….

My name is Zoe and I’m addicted to clitoral orgasms ….

Stepping off the path of enlightenment for a second… THE ADDICTION – ITS A REAL THING.

It’s day 6 of dedicated and expanded self pleasuring and I’ve fallen off the band wagon again. In each self pleasure experience I’ve been consciously and rather avidly avoiding my clit…

Lets say 80% is the point of no return….

This morning I was like ohhhhh let’s give you some love (releasing her ‘taboooo -ness’ from my pleasuring body)…. And bam… Before I knew it I was at 79.99%……………….

Hmmmmm … 0.01 %  – I clearly I didn’t give myself a huge period of grace to stop… AND by that stage I was in full addict mode where the short term fix was more gratifying than the expansion pleasure practice.

*insert firework emoji here* – just one though – we all know I only had time for a one bang show before work… and sure enough I felt depleted as… Sitting here typing in the frustration of I ‘know better’ but I still ‘did it’.

SO….. Back to day 1…. Tomorrows pleasure… Reassess my graph and get really down with the subtle ques of 50 zone in the explosive clit freight train and anchor in my bigger WHY…

My edge – inviting you into my pleasure diary as I break through my addiction to clitting off!