I met her in the forest… naked on the earth with ochre stained skin. The free fall to her depths supported and witnessed by sisters, brothers and wise woman crones.

She’s the portal to the darkness and the key to our greatest shadows. She’s the fire that ignites the cycle of death and she’s the womb that births the cycle of life. She bares and heals the wounds of ancient lineage, then wears the scars as adornment to honour the earthly fucking realness of life. She bleeds the red of the mother and fiercely loves through the most potent veils of black.

She is the parts of us we can’t even bare to face.

She is the alchemy to their light.

She’s the wild.

She’s the free.

She is the dark in you.

She is the dark in me.

Photo Credit – Aliera Moon Photo Art 💛