Hello WORLD… Such a pleasure to meet you.

My name is Zoe – a self confessed being and sexuality revolutionist.

This is a space carved out for the sharing of raw, edgy and real accounts of my unfolding into for me what it means to step into the fullness of being in life – through connecting with the essence of myself and my sexuality.

Stripped back… this blog is an account and personal invite to the space that I dance, self pleasure, laugh, scream, cry, honour myself, make love and fuck in my earthly commitment to GROW.

A space where I explore and share with you my light as much as my shadows.

A space dedicated to my openness and expansion of what it means to be a woman. All aspects of a woman – not just the parts that ‘society’ deems best.

Relevant to my sisters? Yes. Relevant to my brothers – Totally.

As I invite you into this space I ask that you allow yourself to feel with full permission– whether it’s attraction or aversion, love or a complete trigger – FEEL IT – it’s the gem I gift you to grow and get to know a bit more of yourself.

WHY? Because it’s those situations that I have expanded the most in me.

What is this space ? It’s my edge… Come join me as I jump off.

zoezapparoliHow do I invite people I to my bedroom? Figuratively speaking – to the me that is unrefined from the layers of social conditioning? To the space where is reside most freely in for me what it means to ‘JUST BE’. Two simple words that I loved so much I got them so much that I got them inked on my skin… My anchor of unfolding over the last 10 years – each day they have gotten stronger in meaning. It’s home. In me. It’s my essence. It’s my fullness as a woman, my sexuality, my softness, fierceness, my stability and my creative flow… How I move in the world is a direct reflection of how I move in the bedroom… Free and unrefined… So in the spirit of integration and expansion I am ready to invite you in… http://www.zoezapparoli.com
Welcome – to my journey into self and sexual revolution.
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With Love.
Zo x