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Ladies of Brisbane!

I invite you to an inaugural gathering of sisters to talk about self, sex and sisterhood.

Inspired by conversations with a beautiful friend of mine, this space is a creation for you to show up in and talk about the juicy things that you yearn to but have never had the outlet to explore.

Get real with me...

Whats your relationship like to yourself and your sexuality? Stripping back the layers of conditioning and shame that surrounds the often taboo subject - lets open up the dialogue and give yourself permission to talk about the 'unspoken' kinks, quirks and wanderings of your mind...

This will be a lush and relaxed space where sisters come together and support sisters. Come as you are - every emotion, feeling, everything is welcomed. I open the space to truth and we can connect share candidly about what's really going on for you in the bedroom... what's really going on for you in life. 

Lets talk about:

  • Dating
  • Relating
  • Sex
  • Orgasms
  • Self pleasure
  • Our connection to our bodies, our feeling, our self expression
  • The permission we give ourselves to BE ourselves in the world

I bring to the space my square of truth. I bring with me my humanness. I bring with me my realness.

I look forward to meeting you in yours.

With love.
Zo x