Essential Oils

My personal journey with essential oils has relaxed, opened and invigorated my life.

The initial motivation to welcome them into daily ritual of self care was for emotional support and to help me regulate my nervous system through anxiety and depressive episodes.

Their impact and benefits were immediately felt and it wasn't long before my curiosity opened to their use as blends / body elixirs to enhance my own personal self pleasure practice and intimate relating experiences.

There are so many uses for these oils and I'm not an expert in them all... But I am passionate about the ones that have opened me and have helped support me in my journey. 

These are the ones I wish to share with you.


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emotional therapy blends

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sensual oils / blends

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These blends have been a collaborative process between myself and Samantha Bullock who is a master plant medicine alchemist. She is also a graduate of Dancing Eros and has priestesses for me. Theseblends represent the essence of each archetype and are designed to support you and to enhance and embleish of fully integrating the archetypes into every day life for you. they can be used as aromatic anchors for medication and journalling processes when you are doing inner dialogue with the acheteyle. Used as aerobatic body viels for you dancing practice.

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