Bringing the sacredness back to sexuality;

How you relate in the bedroom;  is how you relate to life.
How connected are you to feeling? 
Do you know your own capacity to experience sexual pleasure?
Can you confidently explore giving and receiving that with another without shame or guilt?
Do you easily express your desires and emotions or do you keep them on lock down? 
Do you know how to develop trusting intimate relationships where you can talk about the things on your mind?
Do you carry insecurities in yourself and in relationships?
How do they externalise in your outer-world?

What’s there? Curiosity? Emptiness? Fear? Shame? Excitement?

Whatever is there, I welcome it.

I see you in it and I invite you to explore your edge.


Coaching sessions

Designed to unpack and unbind the blocks that are holding you back in your sexuality and in life. Every session is uniquely different and is tailored to individual needs and desires.

Online or Phone (1 hour)


Tantric bodywork sessions

Through conscious presence, deep intimacy and erotic touch, we will explore your relationship to yourself and your sexuality.  A visceral experience to embody a new way of being and relating in the world.

Face to Face - Byron Bay (1.5 hours)

With her guidance and loving space I was able to experience and reconnect to an inner fire I had long not experienced, and bring it out into my life. Since integrating, I’ve embodied a new level of self-love, core confidence, relaxation, and playfulness in all my interactions, intimate and otherwise.
The fire feels really good.
Thank you Zoe!
— Max
Zoe has helped me order my thoughts, understand what is real and helped me communicate clearly with my partner. Now, I understand her more through understanding me. This investment in myself has been an investment in my relationship.
— James

Work with me...

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First Name


The sessions are sacred in nature and are held in complete reverence of the Temple Arts.
The sessions take place in the private domain between two conscious adults.
Boundary and consent conversations will be held at the start of every session.
By attending the session, you affirm that you are a conscious adult and you have full responsibility of our choices and actions.
While the sessions are sexually charged in nature this is not a sex service. I do not provide sex or oral sex services.